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Studies of swallowing in the lab
Photo: Magnus Gotander

A model of the human throat

The Gothenburg Throat is a model of the upper throat, the pharynx, which is a passage for both air, food and fluids. The model is used for studying the flow of different foods with the aim of developing foods which are easy and safe to swallow, and to study different types of misdirected swallowing.

The model "Gothenburg Throat" enables studies of human swallowing leading to new foods for dysphagia

Aim and goal

To implement a lab-model of the human upper throat, the pharynx, where most problems of misdirected swallowing occurs, with the aim of developing foods which are easy and safe to swallow, and to study the effect of different types of swallowing disorders.


Swallowing disorders, or dysphagia, is related to age and is a growing problem as the population is ageing. Especially older elderlies have problems, 40% of the ones over 70 years, which leads to malnutrition, pneumonia, muscle loss, falls, hospitalization end even Death.


The project has developed a pharynx model, The Gothenburg Throat, which can mimic all swallowing disorders of the pharynx and characterize the flow of a bolus in detail using manometry and ultrasonic velocity profiling. This means that a product developer can evaluate their fluid products or boluses of their solid food regarding flow behavior during the most critical phase of the swallowing, the pharyngeal phase where aspiration (food going into the airways) may occur.


Project name

Gothenburg Throat



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Total budget

7.2 MSEK


Malmö University Hospital/ Lund University



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2. Zero hunger
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Mats Stading

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