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Danish organic sow with piglets
Photo: Therese K Mukendi

A mobile feeding system for individual feeding of sows in group housing systems

The aim of the project is to develop a mobile feeding system that can be used both indoors and on pastures where feed can be regulated for each sow individually.

Group housed sows are usually fed in common throughs, which makes it hard to control individual feeding rations for each sow. Restricted feeding to lactating sows is associated with a greater part of thin sows. However, free access to feed is instead associated with increased number of fat sows, which in return gives problem with reproduction. Sows that shows heat signals during lactation are significantly fatter compared to those that does not show heat during lactation. Heat during lactations is also associated with lower milk production which in return gives lower growth for the piglets.

Since most lactating sows which are kept in a group housing system during lactation is in an organic production, there is a need to produce a feeding system that is possible to use both on pasture as well as inside the stable where the feeding station can be connected to the already existing feeding system. Therefore, the feeding station must be mobile and easy to transport. Also, a mobile feeding system makes it possible to make use of more pastures with a greater distance from the stable.

The aim of this project is to develop a mobile feeding system for individual feeding of lactating sows in group housing systems.


Project name

Mobile feeding system



RISE role in project


Project start



Total budget

4 385 087 SEK


Ann-Kristina Lind, RISE AB, Magdalena Åkerfeldt, SLU, Ingela Löfquist, HIR Skåne AB, Magnus Nyman Lindö, Källunda gård, Nils Erik Eriksson, Lantbrukare


EIP Agri Jordbruksverket

Project members

Ann-Kristina Lind

Contact person

Ann-Kristina Lind


+46 10 516 69 39

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