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Normpack - materials in contact with food

Normpack works for safer materials in contact with food, from the packaging in the store to the equipment of the food manufacturer and the cutting board in your home. Normpack's members are spread out through the whole value chain, chemical producers, material producers, converters and retailers.

The legislation for food contact materials can seem complex and difficult to navigate. Members of the Normpack network receives guidance to determine which legislations that are applicable to specific materials and products and to interpret those legislations. 

Normpack also offers training courses for members. We have a basic course where we go through the basics of the food contact legislation and a more advanced course where we go into the details of the legislation. As a member you will also get our newsletter to help you stay updated in the field.

By being a member you can also apply for a Normpack certificate for your food contact materials. The secretariat of Normpack reviews the supporting documents for the material and advice if further tests are needed to ensure the safety of the material.

A membership in Normpack gives you:

  • Introduction meeting where we discuss your specific needs
  • Continuous consuelling
  • Newsletter
  • Participation in Normpack's webinars, annual meeting and courses
  • Possibility to apply for a Normpack certificate
  • Access to member pages on the website


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Normpack - safe Food Contact Materials

Network website


On our website you will find more information on how to become a member, or contact Ann Lorentzon for more information.

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