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Corrosion in combustion plants

Corrosion in combustion plants is a network primarily aimed at companies that own, operate or construct combustion plants. Through research and exchange of experience, problems with corrosion in combustion plants can be minimized.

Combustion plants are exposed to extreme conditions and corrosive environments of many different types, which can cause damage which, among other things, causes downtime. Distribution networks of district heating or district cooling also run the risk of being exposed to corrosion problems.

The conditions for corrosion vary greatly from plant to plant depending on fuel, material, purification steps or additives such as sulfur to the fuel or phosphates to the boiler water.

RISE has long experience of research as well as consulting services in corrosion in combustion plants. Through the network, we want to make knowledge about corrosion in combustion plants accessible to plant owners and manufacturers, to help minimize the corrosion problems.

Member benefits

As a member of the network, you receive:

  • Access to a network for exchange of experience with researchers from RISE and other stakeholders in the field
  • Invitation to annual seminars
  • Digital access to handouts of previous seminars
  • Opportunity to influence RISE's research and investigation activities in the area of ​​corrosion in combustion plants
  • Easy access to RISE and RISE services, such as determination of acid dew point, material exposure, support for material issues and more extensive literature studies, contact us for price information

The network is primarily aimed at companies that own, operate or construct combustion plants. Other operators who also benefit from membership in the network are suppliers of service, equipment and materials.

Contact us for more information or to become a member.

Network facts


Corrosion in combustion plants


Membership fee: SEK 23 000 for 2024.

Contact us for more information about the network, or to become a member. See contact information below.

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