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Experience and measurement of Visual Media Quality

<p>Do you have the right quality of your media service? Find the right balance between quality and cost.</p>

<p>Visual media is increasingly important with the growing number of visual terminals eg smartphones, tablets, TV, Virtual&nbsp;och Augmented Reality, as well as in&nbsp;medical applications.&nbsp;This makes the quality that media is delivered with, combined with the quality of presentation device, that is, the experienced visual media quality very important. The technical area <strong>Visual Media Quality</strong>, is developing methods for measuring the experienced Visual Media Quality, both objective and subjective. The work covers both 2D and 3D media.</p>

Image from the lab when assessing video quality
Bild från labbet vid granskning av videokvalitet

The perceived quality of a visual media product or service is a compromise between the price to be paid by the end customer, the constituent components and the quality of images and video to be presented. Through our expertise we can develop measurements and user studies, so that an optimal compromise can be made, i.e. as good perceived quality as the combination of the components involved can achieve. For example, it could be the selection of the right display component among a number of them in an end product, such as a car. It could also be the question about the quality of a video to be broadcasted so that the cost of the transmission is as low as possible while the quality still is perceived as good.

Image from the lab when the blackness of a TV is done
Bild från lab när mätning av svärta på en TV utförs (OBS, när mätning görs är det mörklagt i labbet)

RISE offers controlled user studies media services covering both display and video quality as well as lighting measurements. Next-generation displays for Virtual and Augmented Reality, i.e. VR and AR, as well as Head-Up Dispays, with both 2D and 3D presentations also belong to our expert areas. We are one of the leading institutes in standardization of video and display quality, where we have a leading role in the Video Quality Experts Group (VQEG) and have an expert role in the development of TCO Certified, and are involved in the International Committee for Display Metrology ( ICDM).

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