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Ventilation and air treatment for a good indoor air quality

Today, people spend about 90% of their time indoors where good air quality is very important for health, well-being and productivity. This requires a well-functioning ventilation system that removes the pollutions generated by people and the activities that take place indoors. But the system should also be able to clean, condition and supply a sufficient amount of outdoor air without creating draft and thermal discomfort. At the same time, the demands are increasing for this to be done in an energy-efficient way, which requires well-designed systems with low pressure drops, efficient fans and heat recovery.

Ventilation systems and their components, such as fans, motors and heat exchangers, have become more and more effective in recent decades. Through digitalisation and IT, as well as increased measurement and calculation capacity at ever lower costs, the potential for energy efficiency has increased further. Sensors that measure, for example, carbon dioxide, mean that ventilation can be adapted to the need and thereby reduce the energy demand. But as the systems become more complex, the need to increase the knowledge among users and operating personnel also increases. This is because it is important that energy efficiency measures are not done at the expense of air quality and thermal comfort.

Within RISE and in collaboration with industry, many research projects in the field of ventilation and air treatment are conducted. A large number of tests are also carried out on components and subsystems such as air filters, cooker hoods, heat exchangers, fans, duct systems, supply and exhaust air terminals, etc. RISE is accredited for most types of tests done in ventilation and air treatment. RISE also actively participates in standardization work in ventilation and air treatment. For our own research and testing, but also as a service to our customers, we also perform accredited calibration of various quantities linked to air treatment such as air velocity, air flow, relative humidity and dew point.

RISE employees have many years of extensive knowledge and experience in conducting research and testing activities in the area of ventilation and air treatment, both in terms of air quality and thermal comfort, but also in energy efficient heating and ventilation systems. RISE is also very active in the dissemination of information and knowledge about ventilation and air treatment. This is done through research reports, holding courses, conference participation, scientific articles and articles in industry journals.

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