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The National Laboratory for Length and Dimensional Metrology

RISE is Sweden's NMI (National Metrology Institute) and, according to the Swedish constitution, is responsible for the central measurement quantities in the International System of Units, SI.

The National Laboratory for Length and Dimensional Metrology is responsible for the realization of the SI-unit for length (the metre) and thereby offer traceability to industry and other parties. Our services include calibration of length standards, measurement of parts, training and advice services. We also offer product evaluation, testing, research and analysis within the area.

Our expertise in dimensional metrology contribute to quality assured measurements and technological development for Swedish Industry. Correct measurements contribute directly to cost savings by reduced cassation and “correct from the start”.

Within industry correct measurements are a fundamental requirement to succeed on an international market. Precision manufacturing as an example, requires low tolerances and it is important to keep the measurement equipment calibrated with a low measurement uncertainty. We offer calibrations with high precision of reference standards and measurement equipment.

The increasing automation in industry and the decreasing tolerances in production will pose tough requirements on measurement accuracy in the future. We can offer expert advice within development and validation of methods for length and dimensional metrology.

As standard services we offer calibration of:

  • Gauge blocks
  • Step gauges
  • Laser interferometers, laser rangefinders
  • Ring gauges and go/no-go gauges
  • Scales and tape measures
  • Angle standards and instruments
  • Surface roughness standards
  • Linear transducers
  • Roundness and form reference standards

We offer calibrations performed on the “correct” level by competent personnel in environmentally controlled labs.

RISE Calibration offer the possibility to register at our customer website which gives you complete control over your measuring devices by providing a complete overview of all registered devices status, together with history and calibration certificates.

Contact person

Marianne Äremann

Tekniskt ansvarig

+46 10 516 54 81

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Contact person

Carl-Henrik Hanquist


+46 10 516 54 59

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Calibration of laser interferometer at The National Laboratory

The national laboratory for length and dimensional metrology offers calibration of laser sources used in interferometry.

Calibration of step gauges at The National Laboratory

The National Laboratory for Length and Dimensional Metrology offers calibration of step gauges.

Calibration of gauge blocks at The National Laboratory

<p>The National Laboratory for Length and Dimensional Metrology offers interferometric and mechanical calibration of gauge blocks.</p>

Calibration of measuring tapes at The National Laboratory

The National Laboratory for Length and Dimensional Metrology offers calibration of measuring tapes, dipping tapes and PI tapes.