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Solar PV as Building Product

Can solar PV become a natural part of our built environment? What is required for photovoltaic systems to be well integrated - technically, functionally and aesthetically - in our buildings? RISE can offer a breadth of independent expertise and test infrastructure to support the development of your new ideas, products and systems.

A local production of electricity, as close to the consumer as possible, reduces the load on the electricity grid, intensifies the use of already exploited areas and creates better control over electricity costs for the property owner. If the solar modules themselves are used as climate shell or waterproofing layer, it can help to reduce the building's climate impact by replacing other building materials.

What are the challenges? 

When solar modules are used as building products, the challenge is to meet the range of requirements from different disciplines. Examples of requirements to balance include:

• Technical aspects like mounting systems and fire resistance properties at a system level.

• Functional aspects that relate to for example maintenance and reuse of material.

• Aesthetical aspects that allow for general public acceptance and appealing living environments.

 To bridge traditional disciplines of construction and energy system and answer to these challenges, a joint effort of a breath of expertise are required.

What can RISE offer? 

RISE offers a well-organized platform with easily accessible test infrastructure and access to technical expertise and business support that can contribute to a faster development of new solutions. Examples of our offers:

  • Access to world-class laboratories and infrastructure for testing, evaluation, development and verification.
  • Free support through qualified student- and thesis projects in collaboration with colleges and universities.
  • Guidance and expertise on a consulting basis or in partnership depending on the type of assignment/project.
  • An international network with access to global expertise and innovative organizations.
  • Project development and process lead for various types of externally funded projects.
  • Guidance to access public funding.

Who can benefit from our offers?

Through a needs based adaption of project setups, RISE collaborates with actors along the full value chain.       

  • Property owners, architects and consulting teams can try existing products in new contexts and solutions.

  • Construction contractors can get help to review or test new products from potential suppliers.

  • Developers or suppliers of new solutions can get support from initial idea to finished product.

We are convinced that new solutions are generated in the meeting between innovators, entrepreneurs, experts and users.

More information

RISE offers a national network of experience and expertise based on your needs: ​ 

  • Performance testing, quality, economy, practical installation work, demonstration

  • Electrical safety, electrical quality and EMC

  • Climate shells: rainproofness, moisture, wind, snow load 

  • Fire risk management and personal safety

  • Mechanical strength, vibrations and shocks

  • Recycling, LCA, climate footprint 

  • Certification, CPR and CE-marking  

  • Glass: strength, staining, lamination, scratch resistance, recycling

  • Wood: Construction, fasteners, aging

  • Material technology: aging, corrosion, gluing, surface treatment, material recycling

  • Daylight, reflections  

  • Accessibility, user and behavioural challenges, inclusion  

  • Visualization, AR / VR, 3D modelling  


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