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Rheology describes texture, flowability and product stability leading to the right product properties, ability to process and shelf life.

This is rheology!

Rheology describes how semi-solids and fluids behave under deformation and is a truly interdisciplinary science. Ranging from foods, oils, ink and paint to plastics, asphalt and concrete, rheological properties are necessary to describe properties and to predict product behavior.

The ability of a fluid to flow is often expressed as viscosity, and for simple fluids such as water and oil, this is sufficient. For e.g. polymer systems and concrete more complex models are needed and viscoelasticity is generally used to express both the ability to flow and the materials elasticity.

RISE has the instrumentation and competence for all materials ranging from thin drinks to plastic melts and cement. We offer advanced product development and design of desired properties, analysis, problem solving and concept development. For a list of available instrumentation, see

If you want to learn more, see Introduction to Rheology for Educated Beginners at

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