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Plastic recycling and use of recycled plastic

Plastics recycling contribute to circular materials use and decreased oil dependency. Competence and equipment are needed to upgrade to meet the requirements of the market when waste is recycled and used as source for new materials. We help companies and organizations to increase their plastics recycling and their use of recycled plastics.

Maintain the materials value

Using worn out plastic products and plastic waste as source for new material is a challenge that requires knowledge about recycling, purification and upgrading. The aim is to maintain the material value and upgrade to meet the market need. With our plastic competence, from design and choice of material to testing and standards, we help our clients to make sustainable choices regarding the use of plastics.


How can we design a product so that it will be recyclable? What materials should we choose? Can recycled plastic be used in this part? How can our products be recycled? Questions like these, need an answer to facilitate the change towards circularity. Many actors want to  make  responsible choices and make their operations more circular.

From waste to source

We have the competence and equipment to analyze the materials purity and properties, as well as suggest and evaluate various measures of upgrading which are often required when recycling plastics. Washing, magnetic separation and melt filtration are examples of methods that remove contaminations, while additives like compatibilizicers and stabilizers can improve the properties and prolong the service life of the recycled plastic. The steps to develop recycled material are activities within the testbed for Plastics recycling, that you can read more about in the link below.

Our offer

We provide expertise about plastics and polymers, and competence in recycling in order to develop ideas and to help in making the most sustainable choices for circular use of materials.

Our experience in plastic processing, compounding and injection molding helps us contribute to upscaling i.e go from recycling experiments and evaluation in small scale, to industrial manufacturing.

As an independent research institute within innovation and development, we perform a large number of tests and analyses according to various standards. We participate and lead research projects within our networks and we provide contacts to realize ideas and develop real recycling.

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Annika Boss


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Anna Jansson


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