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Chemical recycling of plastics, textiles and composites

Chemical recycling complements the mechanical recycling of plastics, textiles and glass/carbon fiber composites (GFRP, CFRP). Through chemical recycling can mixed, aged and End-of-Life plastic streams be recycled. This enables our already used plastic materials to enter a new life in a secondary product.

RISE can offer an interdisciplinary expertise in the chemical recycling of plastics, textiles, and composites. By decomposing the plastic into monomers can the "chemical building blocks" be recovered. These can be repolymerized into recycled plastic raw materials or used for chemicals and fuels. With chemical recycling, reinforcement materials such as glass fibers, carbon fiber, fillers and other additives (paints, flame retardants, etc.) can be separated away. This chemical recycling method is also suitable for mixed and less pure plastic, textile and composite streams.

What we offer:

  • We can evaluate your product in our recycling reactors
  • Development of new innovative chemical recycling processes
  • Chemical analysis of recycled fiber and chemical building blocks
  • Repolymerization of recycled chemical building blocks into thermoplastic
  • Circular design - How is the recycling of your product improved by choosing the right raw material?

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