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Optimization of texture of protein based products

How can a meat substitute based on peas have a texture like chicken? How can yogurt made from field bean get a creamy texture? With the help of formulation, structural design and material science, RISE can provide answers to what is required of both the raw material and the production process for your final product to have the desired properties.

Formulation and processing – the art of creating a product

Formulation is about creating a recipe, and together with processing, it is about how different ingredients are mixed and how they react under different conditions. RISE broad expertise in the field, with cutting edge knowledge in ingredient properties as well as processing gives us a head start. We can choose the appropriate heat processing which combined with the formulation creates the desired consistency and flavor.

Structural design – to produce the desired perception

We determine the structures of different proteins by microscopy. We observe the distribution of carbohydrates, fat, fiber and how they interact with the protein. We also observe fibrosity, density, firmness and thereby texture, of ingredients as well as of the final product.

When a new meat analogue is developed, we study the structures of the meat protein as a comparison and can then mimic it in the structure of our new vegetable protein product. Our knowledge in product development and manufacturing methods such as extrusion means that we know what is required of the protein in order to get the right character, in a creamy yoghurt as well as in a tender meat analogue.

Materials Science – protein in numbers

Regardless of what you manufacture, you must know your material, it’s structure and how it behaves under different conditions. By Materials Science we produce figures on how protein behaves.

We push and pull the protein to measure its strength and tenderness, to simulate how it behaves in the mouth during the oral processing. We heat the proteins to see how they react during cooking and cool them to determine changes in the fridge and freezer. We stir semi-solid and fluid materials such as the yoghurt to determine viscosity. These are all helpful facts throughout the manufacturing process enabling food products with desired succulent properties.


Please contact us for more information on how RISE can help your company with formulation, structural design and materials science in sustainable protein.

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