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Motion measurement and monitoring

RISE provides expertise in motion measurements, mainly based on gyroscopes and accelerometers, but we also offer extensive experience in a wide range of other measurement techniques relevant to the field. Typical applications include design of (prototype) systems, evaluation of commercial products, vehicle navigation, and vibration monitoring.

Since the late 1990s RISE has built up solid know-how around MEMS-based gyroscopes and accelerometers, first under the name IMEGO and later as ACREO and RISE. We have designed, manufactured, and calibrated high-performance MEMS components that are now commercially available as parts of inertial measurement systems. Starting from components, we have designed measurement systems and applications for many different types of motion measurements that often combine MEMS components with other sensors such as GPS.

We have expertise and experience within a wide range of motion measurement techniques, including rate tables, shakers, and laser Doppler velocimetry. Due to our focus on the development of prototype systems, we have in-house expertise in electronics design, signal processing, and programming. Some typical application areas include the following.

  • All types of alignment, orientation tracking, and navigation, typically in combination with other sensors.
  • Monitoring of vibrating equipment, for personal protection and other purposes.
  • Monitoring of buildings and infrastructure, such as for mapping of boreholes.
  • Medical technology and patient monitoring, such as for rehabilitation training.
  • Sport and athletics applications, such as detailed movements studies.
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