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Process and material development of plastics and polymers

Knowledge and experience in polymers and plastics processing are important competences for product development and problem solving. Our ability to compound, injection mold and extrude together combined with our equipment for analyses and testing of plastic materials sre unique resources for developing ideas.

Testing concepts

Our knowledge of plastic materials and processes together with our equipment constitutes a unique competence and provides opportunity to test new concepts for the development of plastic products and materials. Problem solving is of course also an important part of what we offer in this area.

Problem solving and material development

How can we improve the properties of our plastic product? Why do we get coatings on our injection molding tool? Can this product be reinforced with wood fiber? Our plastic product does not behave as it usually does. What does it depend on? These are examples of questions we receive from our customers. Material analyzes, testing and experiments often provide new insights and help us answer these types of questions.

From lab to pilot scale

RISE modern and flexible equipment enables adaptable plastic processing and manufacturing for specific purposes. Polymer blends and composite materials can be prepared in everything from kneading of small batches to continuous twin-screw compounding on a pilot scale. We mainly use injection molding and various extrusion techniques such as profile, filament or coating extrusion, for the manufacture of test objects and prototypes. Knowledge of the components' interaction in the material and the dependence on process parameters is part of the expert knowledge we offer. Helping our customers go from lab scale to industrial scale is also part of our work

Collaborate with us

We discuss problems and issues with our customers to understand what steps are necessary for problem solving or to develop ideas.

We offer research and development of plastics and polymers together with analyzes and tests.

As an independent player in innovation and development, we perform analyzes and testing according to many standards. We both run and participate in research projects and through our networks we help to mediate contacts to realize ideas and solve problems.

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