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Magnetic sensor systems, magnetic analysis and magnetic nanoparticles

A combination of our unique labs and knowledge of magnetism, magnetic nanoparticles, materials synthesis and magnetic sensor systems makes it possible to carry out magnetic analysis and characterisation of various magnetic materials, synthesis of magnetic nanomaterials and design novel tailored magnetic sensor solutions.

The DynoMag system for dynamic magnetic analysis is developed and manufactured at RISE in Göteborg

Together with customers from both large and small companies and from the academy, we develop sensor systems and help with magnetic analysis and characterisation and synthesis of magnetic nanomaterials. Our activities also include extensive activities of both fundamental and applied research. We can help you with magnetic materials, magnetic nanoparticle synthesis, magnetic analyses and magnetic sensor systems in a number of different application areas.

Magnetic analysis and magnetic nanoparticle synthesis

In the analysis section we work with static magnetic analysis (VSM) and dynamic magnetic analysis (AC susceptometry). In this analysis we also combine experimental results with magnetic simulation and modelling (e.g. finite element analysis and Monte-Carlo simulations) to understand magnetic systems in detail.

By combining modelling and simulation with our expertise in magnetic properties (especially in the field of magnetic nanoparticles), measurement technology, nanomaterial synthesis, electronic design and signal processing, we have a unique platform for solving difficult problems in the field of magnetic systems.  Some of the magnetic nanoparticle synthesis methods are precipitation method, hydrothermal solvothermal method, sol-gel method and ball-milling method (mechanochemical synthesis method), which of some are available for pilot-scale. RISE also have a wide range of instruments and competences when it comes to surface-chemical characterisation of magnetic particles, down to nano-level.

Design of magnetic sensor systems

By combining magnetic materials and their magnetic properties with advanced measurement technologies, we can not only detect magnetic fields but also measure positions, orientations, forces, movements, leakage, presence of vehicles or even different types of biomolecules in a liquid.

To design these specific magnetic sensor systems we use various sensor methods based on, for example, induction coil, Hall effect, AMR, GMR, magnetoelastic resonance (MER) sensors and flux-gate sensors. We also have dedicated 3-axis coil systems for calibrating and characterising magnetic sensor systems and access to a magnetically shielded room. For force sensing we also use our knowledge in piezoelectric materials and piezoelectric sensors.

Courses and network within magnetism

Thanks to our magnetic expertise, we also have the opportunity to offer specific courses for industry and academia. These courses include areas such as general magnetism, magnetic materials and magnetic nanoparticles. We also have a large international network within magnetic analysis and magnetic nanoparticles that further strengthens the magnetic analysis and synthesis work.

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