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Heat treatment of steel

Heat treatment is a critical process that gives metals their desired physical properties. RISE conducts applied research, development and training, and provides consultancy services, with specialist knowledge in hardening, quenching and pre- and post-treatment.

We provide research and development, advice, training and consultancy services in heat treatment. The principle processes are case hardening, through hardening, induction hardening and nitriding/nitrocarburizing, as well as related pre and post-treatments.

Below are several of the services we provide in this area:

  • Material selection
  • Process development 
  • Heat treatment and fatigue properties
  • Metallography, factography, hardness testing, etc.
  • Residual stress- and retained austenite measurements
  • Testing of quenching media - oils and polymers
  • Courses on heat treatment, quenching and induction hardening. 

RISE conducts R&D with emphasis on the impact of design, materials and processes on heat-treated products. We have equipment and facilities for experimentation, simulation and testing. 

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