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Graphene and 2D materials

RISE develops graphene for the sustainable and energy-efficient solutions of tomorrow. We support startups and established companies with developing smart and innovative applications of graphene and 2D materials - from research and product development, all the way to the market.

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Material selection and analysis of graphene

There are different types of graphene but how do you know which one is right for your application? RISE has many years of experience in comparing and analyzing different suppliers' graphene products. We help you characterize, and quality assure graphene materials to find the right material for your product.

Graphene-based protective coating

We work with research and development of graphene and 2D-related materials to create barriers and surface layers that protect against liquids, gases, bacteria, and corrosion. Graphene-related materials are also used in filters and membrane filtration to purify water and air, including carbon dioxide capture. Graphene coatings can, for example, increase the performance of optical fibers as well as protect packaging with pharmaceutical and food products from microorganisms.

Electromagnetic compatibility – EMC protection

EMC protection is another area where the graphene’s excellent electrical conductivity is demonstrated. The electromagnetic compatibility is made more environmentally friendly and recyclable by mixing the graphene directly into a composite, which is then injection molded, instead of having to coat the composite with a conductive metal.

Graphene enables the smart energy storage of the future

Due to the graphene’s electrical conductivity and other unique properties, RISE develops the green batteries, supercapacitors, and solar cells of the future.

Energy- and cost-efficient electronics

With graphene in electronics and in printed electronics, we can develop environmentally friendly, energy- and cost-effective thin and flexible electronics. For example, displays, humidity and temperature sensors, as well as innovative high-frequency electronics. RISE uses different deposition techniques to print graphene-based electronics, such as screen printing, inkjet printing, and Aerosol Jet printing. Based on the Digital Cellulose Center’s research, RISE also develops screen-printing ink from forest-based materials.

Precise standards for metrological purposes

RISE is involved in developing resistance standards made from graphene. Their function is based on the quantum Hall effect which provides a stable and well-defined resistance value. We have expertise in both production and characterization of quantum Hall resistance standards for use in metrological applications.

Graphene in cement, paper, and polymer composites

Your materials can get enhanced mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties with graphene and related 2D materials. We help you with everything from the development of the composite to the evaluation of the properties in cement, polymer, paper, and other fibers.

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