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Digitalisation as a tool for sustainable and profitable agriculture

Digitalisation and robotisation have great potential for a more sustainable, profitable and climate-smart agriculture. We have the deep competences in both technology and agriculture that is needed to find solutions that work in practice.

Radiostyrd eldriven maskin byggd i RISE prototypverkstad. Maskinen är byggd för användning i häststallar på uppdrag av Västra Götalandsregionens Naturbruksförvaltning och ska få autonom styrning på sikt.

Digitalisation is the next revolution in agriculture. Digitalisation offer solutions to many challenges for a sustainable food chain through new measurement methods, data collection, analysis and traceability, as well as increased automation and precision.

In agriculture, much of the digital technology can be labelled under the concept of precision agriculture (site-specific cultivation, precision livestock management), which involves using inputs and actions only to the extent that is beneficial, thereby increasing both sustainability and profitability of production.

Digitalization of agriculture is taking the next step after precision farming by linking different systems with IoT (Internet of Things) and analysing data with AI (artificial intelligence). This is often referred to as Smart farming or Farming 4.0. Connection and sharing of data is a key factor for success. The results of data analysis can be used for increased traceability, as a basis for decision making or to directly control autonomous machinery that manages the cultivation or animals.

We have deep expertise in both technology and agriculture

The development of new technologies for agriculture requires both deep knowledge of agricultural needs and conditions, and deep knowledge of the possibilities and constraints of new technologies. Agriculture takes place in an environment with biological processes and relationships that are complex and the technology used in today's agriculture is advanced. We have this broad competence gathered within the same organization with specialists in both agriculture and ICT.

We have the infrastructure for development of new technologies for agriculture

We have a wide network of farmers around the country and in the agricultural industry for test and development in a real environment. In addition, we run a testbed for digitalized agriculture, which serves as an arena for cooperation, development and testing, where the agricultural industry and industry can collaborate, and both develop agriculture and new products and services. We also have a prototype workshop where advanced tools, experimental equipment or full-scale autonomous electric machines can be built. When the first step in development is taken in a testbed environment, we can scale up tests to real farms around Sweden.

Sensorer för växtodling


  • Deep industry knowledge and wide network in agriculture and its production sectors such as crop production, livestock, garden, marine production and urban cultivation
  • Skills for climate-smart agriculture that lead to fossil-free food production  and potentially to agriculture acting as a carbon sink in society
  • Deep expertise in ICT with specialists in IoT, data analysis and AI, connectivity and radio technology, data management, blockchain and traceability, image analysis, drones, autonomous vehicles, security systems, EMC, certification, battery technology, electrification and alternative fuels.
  • We can help throughout the innovation process, from idea and finding funding to finished product
  • Flexible data infrastructure with our own data centre and relevant quality-assured data
  • Access to test and development environments from simulation, lab and workshop to real farms for test and development in real environment


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