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Circular Procurement

We are experts in procurement, and specifically public procurement, of goods and services in line with the principles of circular economy. Our expertise includes circular economy and procurement strategy, circular economy criteria/indicators and sustainable procurement standard (ISO 20400).

We have acquired expertise in public procurement and more specifically in sustainable/circular public procurement. Current knowledge and practical managerial tools have been further developed and combined in an innovative, cost effective way in order to successfully support public bodies in advancing knowledge and practice in circular public procurement. An example could refer to the mandatory introduction and use of circularity measurement in circular procurement practice. This approach, unlike other current best practices, will ensure the uptake of circular practice at a societal level (demand and supply) and at a sufficient pace.

Public Procurement is a key economic activity in governments. In Sweden the public sector is a major consumer spending yearly about 18% share of GDP (at fixed price). Therefore, the public sector can arguably use its purchasing power to influence sustainable consumption and production by choosing environmentally friendly goods, services and work. Also, the public sector currently is ever than before under pressure to set the example to deliver sustainability goals by 2030-2050. In order to achieve them, circular public procurement appears to be crucial. However, its notion is not unambiguously decoded therefore, a plethora of diverse practices have been attempted with debatable / partial success. Also, there is no standard for measuring circularity. Our deep expertise and experience will allow us to scan through the best available knowledge and select the most suitable approach in a tailor-made fashion and therefore co-create the best possible solution for public bodies.

Our working method is comprehensive as it includes Individual coaching while fostering collaboration between peers and from a wider range of stakeholders. Also, we can reach specific expertise (e.g. standardisation) when needed. By promoting cooperation between public procurement and suppliers during the procurement process, there are also great opportunities to realise reduced resource consumption and waste generation while stimulating innovation of products and services designed to optimise closed material flows and improve resource efficiency alongside sustainable, circular business models. We support public bodies in testing out and adopting specific management tools and standards. The aim of this approach is threefold: first enable public bodies to highlight hindrances and issues in circular public procurement; second get the necessary knowledge and practices; and third find innovative, cost effective and convincing solutions to fully apply circular practices. We have condensed our research with the public sector into a CPP toolbox document combined with specifications of two circularity metrics to use – one to measure circularity of product content and the other one to measure circularity through product longevity. These tools have been designed to be practical, useful tools for public procurement organisations.

If your public authority is striving to introduce circular thinking and practice into procurement processes, then we can co-create the most suitable solution for you. This will be based on individual support utilising the latest cutting-edge research and practice in the field of circular public procurement.

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