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Agricultural water management

Agriculture is an intensive user of water - a finite and vulnerable resource. Through agricultural water management we secure food production even under extreme weather conditions, and at the same time minimize the impact on the environment. The broad relevant expertise at RISE extends from technical aspects to environmental aspects, to modelling.

Agricultural water management related expertise at RISE covers a broad spectrum, including:


  • Animal husbandry: measures for effective water consumption in livestock farming, e.g. better adaptation to specific species and categories of animals, as well as new technical solutions and procedures for water management.


  • Built environments in agriculture: Hydromechanics and engineering for constructions related to irrigation, drainage, and water harvesting and storage.


  • Drainage: Advances in machinery for drainage system installations.


  • Hydrological modelling: Modelling of the vadose zone water dynamics, including soil moisture and shallow groundwater. Rainfall – runoff, and solute transport modelling.


  • Irrigation: Developing Decision Support Systems (DSS) for the irrigation amount and timing. Precision irrigation systems, tools to improve currently used irrigation systems towards more precise irrigation, and drip irrigation techniques. Irrigation-related machinery and technic. Support and advice for sustainable irrigation practices. Basic research on water economy and water requirements of different agricultural crops.


  • Sensors: Development and testing of sensors for water quality in irrigation, drainage, and groundwater. Advice on which type of soil moisture sensors are appropriate for which conditions.


  • Soil science: Managing and monitoring soil structure and texture, hydraulic properties, and nutrient losses.


  • Water resources monitoring: Satellite imaging and data analysis for surface water levels and quality.
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