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Just-In-Demand logistics with Additive Manufacturing

Solutions targeting the transport and logistic sector are today in most cases built on the assumption that goods movements are physical. But with additive manufacturing production can be moved closer to the customer and products, transport and warehousing digitalized to create a Just-In-Demand Logistics where demand replaces production forecasts.

Image: RISE Transport Digitalisation Framework consists of six levels of transport digitization and describes the transformation from a fully physical supply chain (Level 0) to a supply chain consisting of fully digitized production, warehousing and transport to the end-user (Level 5).

Need for sustainable and resillient supply chains

Today's supply chain with its many actors, global distribution and complexity makes it vulnerable to disruptions, difficult to optimize and reacts slowly to changes in demand. The corona pandemic, the obstruction of the Suez Canal and political conflicts are some examples of events that have led to major disruptions in the supply chain.

In addition to this, there is a need to make the supply chain:

  • Sustainable
  • Predicable
  • Transparant
  • Cost effective

Just-In-Demand, additive manufacturing and logistics

3D printing or additive manufacturing (AM) has been around for decades without major impact on transportation and logistics. The development of the AM technology today goes from being a tool for visualization and prototyping to industrial large-scale manufacturing of components and products. The shift of additive manufacturing towards large-scale industrial production is developing rapidly and the development enables not only new resource-efficient supply chains but also the development of new sustainable business models.

Some of the benefits that you can achive with Just-In-Demand Logistics are:

  • Optimized demand Management
  • Reduce production Costs
  • Reduced warehouse costs
  • Reduced inventory Costs
  • Reduce transportation
  • Increase product availability
  • Improved resilience
  • Improved sustainability
  • New business opportunities

6 levels of transport digitalization 

RISE has identified 6 levels of transport digitalization with different characteristics and implications on the supply chain. A digitalization of transport propelled by AM does not only affect transports, which is the most significant logistics cost (58%), but also inventory (23%) and warehousing (11%); which jointly account for 92% of all logistics costs. Together with our research partners, RISE is exploring Just-In-Demand logistics where transports are digitized, production is localized and demand drives production volumes instead of forecasts.

RISE AM-Center
RISE has together with industry and academia created an Application Center for Additive Manufacturing that is available for all industries, companies and public actors who are interested in learning more about additive manufacturing. Here you will get help to test and evaluate different solutions and business models, which can give your organization strengthened competitiveness, new business opportunities and sustainability gains.

Do you want to join the development of this area of expertise or take part of the results of the research?

Together we can take on the following challenges:

  • Design of transport and logistics systems based on additive manufacturing
  • Work and planning in the implementation of Just-In-Demand Logistics
  • Improvement measures for better warehousing and delivery precision
  • Evaluation of alternative logistics processes
  • Transformation of your organization towards Just-In-Demand Logistics
  • Technology monitoring of the AM area and its impact on transport and logistics

Want to know more about Just-In-Demand Logistics

If you want to know more about how AM can affect transport, logistics and industrial manufacturing, don't hesitate to contact us and we can have a dialogue on the subject. Right now, we are looking for more partners to work with to develop this area.

If you want to read more about Just-In-Demand, you can download our White paper in the box on the right: "JID | Just-in-Demand Logistics".


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