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Testbed for wood and fibre properties

The laboratory has unique instruments for efficient analysis of a wide range of wood and fibre properties, as well as growth, which is of importance for industry and research. Collaborative projects are conducted with companies and academia.

The testbed represents a unique and leading wood and fibre measurement centre where wood properties can be measured and predicted in high resolution from pith to bark of tree stems with SilviScan and imaging near infrared (NIR). The resulting wood properties database would be comprised of spatially matched data like microfibril angle, density, cell wall thickness and diameter, year ring width and more from SilviScan measurements, as well as lignin content, cellulose content and other properties estimated from NIR-measurements.

The NIR-camera and SilviScan measurement units
Photo: Zakiya Yassin
Clockwise from top left: scanning of microfibril angle, cell scanner, computer monitor with diffraction pattern, density scanning, and NIR-camera with conveyor.

In addition to the capability to characterize tree stems, the chemical and physical properties of modified solid wood products, e.g. impregnated wood, can also be studied. Chemical and physical characteristics that can be predicted with NIR-models can be presented in image format to show gradients or distributions within a sample.

The laboratory is mainly used for wood-related research, but the NIR equipment has significantly broader applications for analysis of chemical and other variations across surfaces of different materials.


Testbed name

Testbed for wood and fibre properties



Testbed category

Laboratory testbeds (LT)


Materials, Pulp, paper and packaging




Region Stockholm

Visiting address Drottning Kristinas väg 61, 114 28 Stockholm

Thomas Grahn

Senior research associate

+46 10 228 45 88

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