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Virtual testbed for simulation and modeling of material and structres in fire

Nationally and internationally unique due to a broad collection of specialists in the field of simulation and modeling of materials and structures in fire.

A virtual test bed, i.e. it is mainly built around the competence of simulation and modeling of materials and structures in fire, and how fires developes and affects the surrounding materials and structures.

   Important tools are different softwares för CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and FEM (Finite Element Modeling). Within the test bed, quality assurance is a key factor. Together with our laboratory resources and experience from experiments simulations can be validated and controlled.

   Examples of simulations that can be carried out are fire dynamics in underground facilities, loadbearing capacity of structures on fire, optimization of insulation for loadbearing elements, simulation of heat transfer and extinguishing of fires in silos for storage of self ignited wooden pellets.


Testbed name

Fire Simulation



Testbed category

Virtual testbeds (VT)


Buildings and infrastructure, Energy and Clean Tech


Fire safety


Västra Götaland Region

Visiting address Brinellgatan 4, 504 62 Borås

Lars Boström

Forsknings och Affärsutvecklare

+46 10 516 56 08

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