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Applied Laboratory for Digital Transformation

One of a few equivalent facilities internationally with a non stop operation for almost 15 years.

The Applied Laboratory for Digital Transformation provides the all of the services of an Internet service provider, with end users and devices, connected via FTTH, LTE and LoRa. The transformation laboratory provides server virtualization where services can be deployed and evaluated by end users, prototypes may be integrated into the test network, and demonstrations of prof of concepts as well as interoperability tests could be performed. There is a traffic monitoring framework, in which we collect IP traffic as a part of the testbed. It provides input to the knowledge base on user behaviour, traffic patterns and QoS, QoE analysis. Additionally, the testbed provides several Internet of Things platforms and frameworks, which facilitates collection, dissemination and visualization of sensor information from connected devices. The individual components or puzzle parts can smoothly be exchanged so that different options may be evaluated in order to help select suitable components for their digital transformation.


Testbed name

Applied Laboratory for Digital Transformation



Testbed category

Virtual testbeds (VT)


ICT and Telecom


Digitalisation, Climate neutral industry


Region Gävleborg


Käppuddsgatan 1, Hudiksvall

Jonas Lindqvist

Jonas Lindqvist

Forsknings- och affärsutvecklare

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