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Processum Biorefinery Cluster - cluster participants

To create value-creating collaborations, we actively work to ensure that entire value chains are represented - from large companies with needs and residual streams to innovative small and medium-sized enterprises that can contribute to solutions with clear development visions.

We cater to all kinds of companies, both local and international, who wish to actively participate in the transition to a bioeconomy. Our cluster's collective expertise in biorefinery opens up exciting additional opportunities.

Bilden är framtagen i projektet IB:ACCEL finansierat av EU, Region Västerbotten, Väster Norrland, Umeå kommun, Sundsvall kommun och Örnsköldsviks kommun.

Övik Energi is a company with modern, environmentally oriented full-service solutions in energy and communication

Cluster members

Karin Johnson

Contact person

Karin Johnson

Verkställande direktör

+46 10 516 67 68

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