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Karin Johnson appointed new CEO at RISE Processum

12 March 2020, 12:41

The Board of Directors of RISE Processum has appointed Karin Johnson as new CEO. The Örnsköldsvik-based company has been part of a newly formed department since 1 January in which RISE mobilises expertise in the field of biorefinery and energy.

Karin Johnson, former Head of Research at RISE Processum, has been Acting CEO since 1[st] October, 2019 when former CEO Magnus Hallberg stepped down to focus on other activities within RISE prior to the broader engagement. On January 1, the new division Bioeconomy and Health was formed with operations within the biorefinery's value chains as well as products and processes for agriculture, food, pulp, paper, packaging and Life Science. RISE Processum is part of the Biorefinery and Energy department, which is led by Magnus Hallberg.

Karin Johnson completed her PhD in organic chemistry at the University of Southampton in 2003 and has a background as a medicinal chemist at AstraZeneca before joining RISE Processum in 2015 and subsequently the role of Head of Research.

“RISE Processum is an essential part of our investment in expanding operations in northern Sweden. In recent years it has increasingly become the hub for forestry research and innovation in the region. I am convinced that this position will be further strengthened under Karin’s leadership,” says Marco Lucisano, chairman of RISE Processum and Vice President Bioeconomy and Health, RISE.

“I very much look forward to leading RISE Processum as a part of our new RISE. Our cutting-edge expertise in biotechnology and value creation of residual streams fits well into RISE's mission. Together we can make a real difference transitioning Sweden to a fossil-free society. We have extremely talented staff who understand the needs of the industry and contribute strongly in the region as well as internationally. This is a strength that I really want to build on in the investment along the northern coast,” says Karin Johnson.


Karin Johnson,, tel +46 73-2557551

Marco Lucisano,, tel +46 76-8767285

Magnus Hallberg,, tel +46 73-0647021