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Co-operation between RISE and the Swedish National Space Agency

23 December 2020, 09:24

The need to analyze data from space is increasing in the challenge of climate impact, for making weather prognosis and for example within the forest industry. RISE and the Swedish National Space Agency have signed an agreement for a long-term and strategic co-operation, developing the Swedish Space Data Lab for the benefit of the Society and Industry.

Data from space, Earth Observation data, is used in a wide spectrum of fields. It is indispensable for weather forecasts and for analyzing climate trends, but is also extremely important for forestry, in agriculture business, and other areas where information about vegetation and ground surface is needed.

- We already co-operate in several projects together with the Swedish National Space Agency, and this new agreement indicates that both parties want to strengthen the co-operation even more.  We see a lot of interest from agencies, academia and companies in the area, and together we can create conditions for increased use of data from space, says Pia Sandvik, CEO at RISE. 

- This long term agreement means a lot for the development of the Swedish Space Data Lab, and we are really looking forward to continue the co-operation with the Swedish National Space Agency and with other stakeholders, says Ann-Christin Uusitalo Eriksson, Acting Head of ICE Datacenter at RISE. 

RISE is involved in a lot of projects in these areas, and are also running the internationally leading research data center ICE. The datacenter, based in Luleå in the north of Sweden, is an enabler for projects with great needs of compute power and handling Big Data.

The main purpose of the co-operation is to develop the Swedish Space Data Lab. The lab, initially established 2019 by a Vinnova-financed project, will be a national competence- and datahub for the work of Swedish authorities with space data and for development of AI- and ML-based analysis of data generated in space systems. The goal is, together with need owners and other stakeholders, to further develop this platform for innovation, including data, technology and methodology. 

The co-operation agreement has been signed by Pia Sandvik, CEO at RISE and Anna Rathsman, GD at the Swedish National Space Agency.

For more information:

Ann-Christin Uusitalo Eriksson, RISE

+46 70 264 83 22