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Peter Andersson Ersman


Tel +46 76 115 88 55


Location Norrköping

Unit Bio- och organisk elektronik (102104)

ORCID 0000-0002-4575-0193

Peter Andersson Ersman has been working with various projects within the field of printed organic electronics. The research education at Linköping University initiated the development of printed matrix-addressed displays based on electrochromic pixels and electrochemical transistors; an education that after the dissertation in Organic Electronics resulted in an employment at RISE Acreo as a research scientist and project manager. The work related to active and passive matrix addressed electrochromic displays, that successfully have been manufactured by printing tools, have resulted in several patent applications and journal publications.

He is also responsible for R&D activities related to printed segment-based electrochromic displays and printed circuits based on organic electrochemical transistors that are being developed at RISE Acreo. The activities are therefore ranging from the improvement of transistor and display architectures to the development of manufacturing processes.

The most recent results, covering the topic of monolithic integration of digital circuits and electrochromic displays, where all layers of the electronic system are deposited by screen printing, were published in Nature Communications: The printed integrated circuits, here exemplified by 4-7 decoders and 7-bit shift registers, contain more than 100 organic electrochemical transistors, thereby providing evidence of the robustness of the printed OECT technology.