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Mats Carlsson

Tel +46 10 228 43 16


Location Kista

Unit Datorsystem (102402)

ORCID 0000-0003-3079-8095

Mats Carlsson is associate professor of computer science. During his professional life, the focus has been on two themes: programming language implementation and optimization. Mats is the main author of the programming environment SICStus Prolog ( In optimization, Mats has contributed to the fundamental algorithms and also worked on applications such as industrial scheduling, sports scheduling, configuration, DNA sequencing, and frequency allocation. In the UNISON project, optimization technology was used to improve the code generated by compilers. Mats has received multiple grants from VR och VINNOVA and has worked in multiple EU projects.
Mats's Erdős number is 4 and his list of publications can be found here: