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Claes Holmqvist

Tel +46 76 876 72 16


Location Stockholm

Unit Papperstillverkningsprocesser (401103)

Senior researcher in production processes for pulp-fibre-based materials. This includes both conventional paper products (paper, board, tissue) and production processes for new applications using wood based raw materials (e.g. nanocellulose).

Ph.D. in fluid mechanics oriented towards mathematical modelling and simulations of the forming process in paper machines. Solid experience of experimental research in pilot- and full-scale environments, from time at RISE and previous employment with a machine supplier for the paper industry.

Especially interested in how the structure of complex materials is influenced by treatments and forming processes, and the relation between structure and properties.

Active in RISE’s efforts to make neutron- and photon-based experimental techniques at large scale research infrastructures (e.g. MAX IV and ESS) accessible and relevant for industrial R&D use.