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Nordic Fire & Safety Days (NFSD) June 15-16

The Nordic Fire & Safety Days is a biannually conference carried out by the Nordic universities and research institutes dealing with risk and fire safety. This year the event takes place online on June 15th-16th

At The Nordic Fire & Safety Days you will have the opportunity to get information on different aspects within fire research. The days will  focus on risk and fire research in the Nordic countries. Contributions from other countries are more than welcome. The conference language is English.

The topics are, but are not limited to:

  • Fire dynamics
  • Fire chemistry
  • Fire detection and supression
  • Forensics 
  • Structural fire safety 
  • Offshore fires
  • Transportation
  • Management of rescue service
  • Operation of rescue service
  • Multi hazard control
  • Safety management
  • Health and environmental risks
  • Societal activities and resilience
  • Risk and innovations
  • Safety of fossil free energy carriers
  • Residential fires
  • Decision-making
  • Evacuation
  • Crowd management 
  • Human behavior


When: June 15-16 2021

Time: June 15 8:45- 16:15, June 16 8:45-17:00

Where: online

Fees: See registration


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