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NextBioForm's publications

Here you will find research papers from NextBioForm.

Tuan Phan-XuanEkaterina Bogdanova, Anna Millqvist Fureby, Jonas Fransson, Ann E. Terry, Vitaly Kocherbitov. Hydration-Induced Structural Changes in the Solid State of Protein: A SAXS/WAXS Study on Lysozyme. Mol. Pharmaceutics 2020

Adrian Sanchez-Fernandez, Carl Diehl, Judith E. Houston, Anna E. Leung, James P. Tellam, Sarah E. Rogers,  Sylvain Prevost,  Stefan Ulvenlund, Helen Sjögren, Marie Wahlgren. An integrative toolbox to unlock the structure and dynamics of protein–surfactant complexes. Nanoscale Advances, 2020.  

Wahlgren M, Axenstrand M, Håkansson Å, Marefati A, Lomstein Pedersen B.  In Vitro Methods to Study Colon Release: State of the Art and An Outlook on New Strategies for Better In-Vitro Biorelevant Release Media. Pharmaceutics. 2019, Feb 22;11(2)

Leeman M, Choi J, Hansson S, Storm MU, Nilsson L. Proteins and antibodies in serum, plasma, and whole blood-size characterization using asymmetrical flow field-flow fractionation. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 2018, 410, 4867-4873