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Here you will find seminars, courses and events about biological pharmaceuticals and NextBioForm arranged by RISE and our partners. 

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25-26 may 2021

Liquid protein formulations - part two

Welcome to the second part of our January course on Protein formulation in solution. This time we focus on characterization.

This course is aimed at those who have some prior knowledge about protein formulation and want to have an overview of several of the existing methods to characterize the physical and chemical characteristics of protein. Methods that will be included are scattering, calorimetric and spectroscopy techniques.

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20 jan 2021

Liquid protein formulations - an introduction course

Proteins are increasingly used as therapeutic agents for a wide variety of diseases. Although excellent therapeutics, proteins are sensitive biomacromolecules and the stability is critical for successful use. Thus, the formulation of therapeutic proteins in solution is a key to develop successful products.

This 1-day online course provides a straightforward introduction to the principles of formulation of proteins in solution.

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