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MECM becomes part of RISE

19 May 2022, 11:00

RISE strengthens its offering through the integration of the French company MECM (Materials Engineering & Corrosion Management) to it's subsidiary the French Corrosion Institute. MCEM operates in the field of corrosion within chemical, pharmaceutical and process industry. RISE's acquisition of MECM is based on the ambition to develop its business within inspection, and monitoring in industrial plants and to strengthen its corrosion offer with stronger industrial experience.

The present owners of MECM, Vincent Martin and Simon Depardon, will also join the French Corrosion Institute. MECM was founded in 2013 and had sales of approximately SEK 6 million in 2021. The company is based in Solaize, Lyon and will be part of the RISE corrosion department

“Combining the industrial experience of our new colleagues from MECM with our scientific knowledge and test capacities will lead to a very strong offer for our customers. This acquisition will reinforce RISE and its subsidiary the French Corrosion Institute as a European Leader in the corrosion field”, says Olivier Rod, manager of the corrosion department at RISE.

“We are proud to join the French Corrosion Institute and RISE, taking advantage of their large size, competencies, and technical capabilities. We will bring our strong culture of plant oriented technical support in the fields of materials industrial behavior and corrosion assessment, including all steps in the life of equipment’s, from the material choice to the post-mortem analysis, for the benefits of former and future RISE customers”, say Vincent Matin and Simon Depardon, present owners of MECM.

MECM will integrate RISE and the French Corrosion Institute on the first of July 2022.

Media contact:

Olivier Rod, RISE, +46 10 228 48 88