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Learning Machines Seminars – Upcoming Seminars

Here you find all the upcoming Learning Machines Seminars. Update your calendar with upcoming seminar dates of your interest!

Keep an eye out for the list of upcoming seminars below. It is continuously updated as soon as we book new speakers.

All upcoming seminars:

(Click on seminar title for more information.)

2023-09-28: Johan Östman, AI Sweden
The reality of federated learning: from life sciences to finance and beyond

2023-10-05: Klaus-Robert Müller, TU Berlin
Machine Learning and AI for the Sciences — Towards Understanding

2023-10-19: Valentin De Bortoli, ENS Ulm, Paris
Title to be announced

2023-11-02: Jonas Hellgren, RISE
Reinforcement learning - theory, toy problems from Open AI Gym, and application examples

2023-11-09: Nataša Sladoje or Joakim Lindblad (TBD), Uppsala University
Title to be announced

Every Thursday at 15:00 CET

Olof Mogren

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Olof Mogren

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+46 70 396 96 24

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