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Inauguration of Cyber Range

Wednesday 2 June 2021, the inauguration of the Cyber ​​Range, a new test bed for cyber security in Kista, was broadcast live.

Here you can see the inauguration in its entirety in retrospect

The more we rely on connected systems, the need for cybersecurity is growing to protect our energy networks, water systems, communication routes, transport systems and other business and socially critical systems.

That is why Cyber ​​Range, a new test bed for cyber security in Kista, is needed. RISE offers a test environment where an application or system can be tested, through for example, controlled hacker attacks, as well as education and training in cyber security, with the aim of providing the tools needed to create stable and secure IT systems.

We welcome business and public sector decision-makers, IT experts, journalists, students and all other interested in cybersecurity to the inauguration. Sign up to get a link to the live broadcast inauguration.


Speakers at the meeting include

Moderator: Carl Heath, RISE

- Welcome - Charlotte Karlsson, RISE
- Inauguration speach  - Pia Sandvik, CEO RISE
- Conversation about investments in cybersecurity - Darja Isaksson, CEO Vinnova
- About cyber security and the cyber range (in English) - Shahid Raza, RISE
- Cyber security and the Swedish Bug bounty program (in English) - Ana Magazinius, RISE
- The cyber range and how to work with it (in English) - Shahid Raza, RISE
- Interview with ethical hacker
- Cyber security in EU (in English) - Miguel González-Sancho, Head of Unit, Cybersecurity Technology and Capacity Building, European Commission
- Cyber security in Sweden - Ibrahim Baylan, Minister Business, Industry and Innovation Sweden  
- The inauguration
- The offer of cybersecurity - Shahid Raza, RISE


Information about the event

Date: June 2, 2021

Time: 10:00-11:15

Place: Online

Last day to register: May 31, 2021

Price: Free of charge

Language: Swedish and English

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Shahid Raza


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