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Corrosion News

Corrosion News is a magazine from RISE about our research in the field of corrosion. Here you can find out more about our member programs, test beds, research projects and services in accreditation. You can also read storys about some of our customers.

Corrosion News 2020


  • Cost shared R&D in our 12 member programs
  • Testbeds for extensive field- and accelerated testing
  • How accreditation gives you an advantage
  • Effective research in Joint Insdustrial Projects

Read Corrosion News 2020 here

Corrosion News 2019


  • ER sensors for modelling corrosion
  • Storage of nuclear waste
  • Corrosion at cut-edges and bends
  • Corrosion in deep seawater

Read Corrosion News 2019 here

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Rikard Norling

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