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Circular Business Lab at RISE - A collaborative innovation space for companies transitioning to circular business

Circular Business Lab presents your business management teams with the opportunity to develop circular business models and future proof your organisation for the transition to a more circular economy. Make the journey together with other members and with close access to RISE wide ranging expertise in circular business models, digitalisation and circular flows of resources.  

Through a membership in Circular Business Lab you vill gain help in understandning what the change entails and how it can contribute to a quick and business driven transition. The lab can help you with: 

  • Understanding how upcoming policys will affect your business 
  • Creating a circular vision and strategy and shape your new circular business models
  • Managing test projects for experimenting and validating client needs, business models and new ways of working. 

We gather members with similar challenges in clusters where you get access to our network and all the expertise that RISE gathers around the lab. Together, we run the development projects that your business needs to transform.

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Pernilla Dahlman

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