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Impartiality and independence in certification

RISE Certification creates trust in its services by being objective in the execution of assignments. This means being aware that assignments are performed in an impartial manner without personal gain and that objective evidence is sought to show that the service or product meets the set requirements.

RISE is not allowed to participate in development, production, maintenance, distribution, installation or cannot perform consulting services for products that we certify. Also, RISE does not perform management system consultancy or internal audits of management systems for customers that RISE certifies. In addition, RISE Certification does not train persons we certify. RISE does not offer consulting services for the same clients and statements that RISE verifies or validates

RISE Certification is a third-party body, i.e. we perform our services independently of the organization that delivers the products and services we certify, verify or validate. RISE has no self-interest in the results of the implementation of the service. In many cases, the services are performed under accreditation but sometimes as an unaccredited service. Regardless of whether the service is accredited or not, the same requirement for impartiality applies.

RISE offers several services in certification, verification and validation. RISE also offers requirements investigation, but it is limited to explaining and clarifying requirements for products and services. The service is executed based on standards and regulatory requirements.

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För RISE finns en kvalitetspolicy som är beslutad av RISE styrelse. Denna policy gäller även för RISE certifieringsstyrelse.

Gå vidare till RISE policydokument.