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Caroline Haglund Stignor

förstärkningområdesledare Robust och Flexibelt Energisystem ,Senior Forskare

Tel +46 10 516 55 45


Location Göteborg

Unit Industriell omställning (104105)

Caroline leads a section working with research and innovation related to sustainable energy systems, including heat pumping technology, solar energy, ventilation technology, combustion technology, particle emission reduction and aie cleaning, calibration, climate simulation and also behavior aspects of energy use. The section runs a number of test beds within these areas, for example large chambers where the climate can be controlled and large solar simulators. The work within the section covers the whole innovation chain, and often both different areas av technology are combined and technology is combined with behavior related competences.

She is actively involved in Heat Pump Centre, which is hosted by RISE and the program office and communication centre for IEA's Technology Collboration Programme on Heat Pumping Technologies. Thereby she has many contacts within academia and industry within this area as well as with representatives from energy agencies in many countries. In addition she contributes to the development of Ecodesign and Energy Label regulations for space heaters and ventilation units and is also involved in European standardisation work. She is the chair of the Swedish Technical Committee for Heat Pumps at SIS and is nominated expert within European working groups. Caroline has a PhD exam in heat transfer and has performed a number of research projects within the area of heat pumping technology and supermarket refrigeration.