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Yusuf Mulla


Tel +46 10 228 41 59


Office Norrköping

Department Tryckt Elektronik

ORCID 0000-0002-1949-6144

More @ printed electronics

Since 2018 Yusuf is working with RISE Acreo at department of Printed Electronics in Norrköping (Sweden)

Yusuf received his Bachelor´s in Instrumentation Engineering (BE) from Shivaji University (India), and M.Sc. in Scientific Instrumentation from the University of Applied Sciences, Jena (Germany). His M.Sc. thesis was completed in Bio-electronics group at IMEC, Leuven (Belgium). In 2014 he graduated with PhD in Chemical and molecular sciences from the University of Bari (Italy), with thesis entitled´Electrolyte gated organic field effect transistors for bio-sensing applications´. He is alumnus post-doc of University of Rome Tor Vergata (Italy) and Linköping Univerisity (Sweden) at Laboratory of Organic Electronics (LOE), e-plants team.

His research expertise involves development of biosensors - chemical sensors based on organic thin film transistors, graphene and metal oxide devices, organic electrochemical transistors; characterization of functionalized sensing interfaces and investigation of bio-functionalization strategies for sensors applications, micro-fabrication, microcontact printing, soft-lithography, inkjet printing and plant/insect electrophysiology.

As a hobby, he enjoys spending leisure time playing with Microcontrollers (arduinos, RaspberryPi), 3D modeling/printing, traveling and nature photography.