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Viscose Process - Spinning Pilot

Increased population in the world results in increased consumption of textiles. This means that the textile raw material needs to be optimised and its process developed to make them more sustainable so that the consumption of the earth's resources is reduced. In that context, the spin pilot is excellent for new techniques and ideas about textils.

Overview of the spinning process 

Viscose solution is pressed through small holes into a spinning bath which can contain various chemicals such as sulfuric acid, zinc sulphate or sodium sulphate. Carbon disulfide disappears, and cellulose precipitates. The precipitate is drawn into a continuous thread. 

Offer in viscose pilot

In the spin pilot, we can use different compositions of the spin bath and thus offer customers projects throughout the chain from raw material based on lignocellulose to finished thread. You can test an existing process or a future process. 

By evaluating both the spinning process and the properties of the thread, knowledge about the dissolving cellulose for further processing into technical or textile viscose materials can be gathered. RISE has a complete chain of pilots; from chipping, boiling and bleaching via viscose solution to finished viscose thread in the spin pilot. 

It is common for pulp manufacturers to investigate their possibilities of increasing their dissolving production or, from a completely different segment, to convert the process towards this area. In evaluating the pulp quality, the viscose fibre is characterised. 


Test & Demo name

Viscose Process - Spinning Pilot


Laboratory testbeds (LT)


Materials, Process industry, Pulp, paper and packaging


Bioeconomy, Biorefinery, Circular transition, Pulp and paper, Textile

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