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Testing and chemical analysis of textile materials

The test bed offers a wide range of test and analysis services on textile materials and RISE's knowledge in the field is unique. We have a wide range of instruments and performs a large number of accredited analyzes and tests.

Society and consumers constantly place higher demands on companies and their products. Furthermore, the REACH regulation means that your organisation must have complete information and control over which chemicals your products contain. It is especially important to have control over dangerous chemicals in children's items and products with skin contact such as clothing and accessories.

In our laboratories, we can perform most tests and analyzes regarding textile materials.In addition, we have the possibility to perform tests according to custom standards or develop new methods to measure a specific characteristic. Many of our methods are accredited in accordance with SS-EN ISO 17025.

We can assist you and your organisation to assure the quality of products throughout the production chain, from development and material selection to receiving inspection and complaints.

Customized training

Furtermore, we can offer customized training and courses in both practice and theory, from a few hours to several days. We can issue certificates according to OEKO-TEX®, which is a world-leading label for textile products.

With our wide range of chemical analyses, we can track and analyze various hazardous chemicals that are relevant to textile and plastic materials. Examples of analyses are carcinogenic and allergenic dyes, perfluorinated substances, phthalates, heavy metals, extractable metals, siloxanes, quinolin, ADCA, UV stabilizers and much more. 

At our disposal we have analytical instruments such as GC-MS, LC-MS / MS, ICP-OES, XRF, FTIR, DSC, TGA and most textile measuring instruments, e.g. Martindale, skin model, thermal manikin, MMT, tensile tester.


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Testing and chemical analysis of textil




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