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Stamping and forming center Olofström

Higher demands are placed on future products. Lower weight, longer life and better material utilization are required for sustainable development and strengthened competitiveness. RISE stamping and forming center in Olofström is a test and demonstration facility for future production of lightweigth products.

We offer expertise and equipment for forming metal and multimaterial solutions that are attached to a composite structure. We have cutting-edge expertise in forming processes, friction control and tool solutions for shell products of high strength steel, aluminum, stainless materials, titanium and nickel base alloys, as well as combinations of steel plate and composites.

In the test bed, formability and material characterization tests are performed prior to the introduction of new materials in the production. Other offers range from corporate and university eductions to the development of optimized forming methods and tooling solutions


Testbed name

Stamping and forming center Olofström



Testbed category

Laboratory testbeds (LT)


Automotive and transport, Manufacturing, Materials


Climate neutral industry, Lightweight solutions, Material transition, Production and manufacturing

Strategic innovation program

Metallic Materials


Region Blekinge


Vällaregatan 30, Olofström

Thomas Skåre

Contact person

Thomas Skåre


+46 10 228 48 22

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