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Testbed for Solar Energy Solutions

<p>Solar testbed has a given roll in the innovation system for solar energy solutions. It can best be described as an informal innovation cluster led by RISE.</p>

RISEs facilities consists of:

  • Outdoor test site for solar products and systems
  • Artificial Sun and flash-tester for performance testing of solar collectors and solar PV modules. Solar Array Simulator for inverter tests.
  • Climate chambers and other material testing resources
  • Equipment for performance testing of small research solar cells
  • Monochromator for spectral characterization of solar cells
  • Equipment for performance testing/ error detection in the field
  • Full-scale demonstration of complete system and its integration via RISEs Research Villa

The Solar Test bed is based on a collaboration between academia, institute sector and industry. The cluster and its in-depth test beds serve as an open platform for all its stakeholders.


Testbed name

Solar Testbed



Testbed category

Isolated testbeds (IT)


Energy and Clean Tech




Västra Götaland Region


Brinellgatan 4, Borås

Peter Kovacs

Contact person

Peter Kovacs

Senior Projektledare

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