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Test & demo for sensors and sensor systems

RISE is an internationally leading research and development laboratory that gathers Sweden's widest expertise in the field of Sensors and Sensor Systems. RISE is an independent partner that helps find the best solution for each customer's specific needs.

Our well-equipped laboratory is a national resource that is offered to our customers on commercial terms. RISE offers research, development projects and laboratory resources for a very broad spectrum of sensors and sensor systems. Our projects can be publicly funded, fully industrial financed or a mixture of public and industrial financing.

Sensor Expertise

  • Micro Electro Mechanical Sensors (MEMS)
  • Fiber Optic & Optical Sensors
  • Electromagnetic & Magnetic Sensors
  • Printed sensors (Printed electronics)
  • Biosensors & Chemical Sensors
  • Microwave and Millimeter Wave Sensors (GHz & THz)
  • Wireless sensors
  • IoT (Internet-of-Things) sensors & Wearable sensors
  • Self-sustained sensors ("Energy harvesting")
  • Sensors based on 2D-materials (e.g. graphene)

Sensor System Expertise

  • Electronics Design
  • Package and electronics building design
  • FEM simulations
  • Sensor Fusion
  • Sensor Signal Processing
  • Data analysis including AI and "Deep learning"
  • Real-time solutions eg for movement tracking
  • Etc.

Laboratory resources

Cleanrooms and research laboratories for manufacturing of:

Characterization laboratories for:

  • Semiconductors
  • Mechanical sensors
  • Optical sensors
  • Printed sensors
  • Magnetic sensors
  • Bio & Chemical Sensors
  • RF sensors
  • Etc.


Test & Demo name

Sensors & sensor systems




Laboratory testbeds (LT)


Automotive and transport, Buildings and infrastructure, Energy and Clean Tech, Health and Life Sciences, ICT and Telecom, Food and agriculture, Manufacturing, Materials, Mining and metal, Process industry, Pulp, paper and packaging, Retail, Security and defence


Work environment, Automated vehicles, Digital infrastructure, Digitalisation, Digital health, Electromobility, Electronics, Energy, Packaging, Infection control, Infrastructure, Internet of Things, Climate neutral industry, Chemical processes and products, Food, Pharmaceuticals, Material transition, Generic metrology and measurement technology, Mobility, Mobility services, Perception, Preventive healthcare, Production and manufacturing, Resource-efficient cities, Risk and safety, Sensors and sensor systems, Textile, Water


Region Gävleborg, Region Skåne, Region Stockholm, Region Östergötland, Västra Götaland Region



Sensors and sensor systems

To measure is to know, and a sensor’s job is to measure. Integrated sensors which are connected to the internet can now be found virtually everywhere. These systems are called the Internet of Things (IoT). The sensors can measure …

Sensors and Sensor application development

RISE investigates, proposes and develops the most suitable solution based on the customer's needs with regard to environment, price and volume. As an independent partner, RISE can identify, implement and develop the technical…
Test & demo

Electrum Laboratory

The Electrum Laboratory is outstanding for fabrication and characterisation in the nano and micro scale, supporting the whole chain from education, research and development to prototyping and production.
Test & demo

RISE Fiberlab

RISE Fiberlab is a world-class laboratory for research, development, and pilot production of optical specialty fiber. Located in Hudiksvall, Sweden, the laboratory hosts three fiber draw towers and offers a range of services.
Test & demo


Europe’s most modern testing and demonstration facility for hybrid electronics (combination of printed electronics and silicon chips). PEA-Manufacturing is designed for testing and development of printed electronics and hybrid sys…
Test & demo

RISE Magnetic testbed

A combination of our unique labs and knowledge of magnetism makes it possible to carry out a thorough magnetic analysis of various magnetic materials. By combining magnetic materials with advanced measurement technology, we develo…
Test & demo

Sensory laboratory

A sensory laboratory that offer you to test your products with our selected and trained sensory panel! The panel has extended experience in a large range of food and hygiene products.

Graphene and 2D materials

RISE develops graphene for the sustainable and energy-efficient solutions of tomorrow. We support startups and established companies with developing smart and innovative applications of graphene and 2D materials - from research an…