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Safe Storage of Inflammable Goods in Retail

Retail outlets, from small shops to large department stores and supermarkets, sell products classified as inflammable goods. MSB, or the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, recommends fire safety cabinets as a means to improve safety and to meet legislational requirements on safety. At RISE we evaluate and certify such cabinets.

Because of the packaging material often being plastic, and plastic being unable to contain its inflammable contents at high temperatures, there may be dangerous consequences to not storing these goods properly. The results can turn out to be catastrophical due to high chances of rapid fire development.

Swedish regulations on the safe handling and storing of inflammable goods, state that this must be done in a satisfactorily safe way. In addition, the way these goods are handled may neither obstruct nor complicate evacuation or rescue efforts. One measure that can be taken to ensure that these conditions are met is to store inflammable goods seperately or in a special fire safety cabinet. Our unique testing method, i.e. SP Method 2369, is designed to evaluate these fire safety cabinets.

Fire safety cabinets can be used to prevent fire violently intensifying when reaching inflammable goods. SP Method 2369 evaluates the general construction of fire safety cabinets as well as their ability to resist both internal and external fires. Recently, the requirements related to external fire resistance have been updated to reflect the critical temperatures of aerosol cans. Specifically, in version 6 of SP Method 2369, the maximum allowable internal cabinet temperature has been reduced from 200ºC to 75ºC while the time duration has been increased for this test. As such, cabinets that meet version 6 of SP Method 2369 provide greater protection to your flammable goods than those that meet the requirements set out in earlier versions.

Fire safety cabinets that have been evaluated according to SP Method 2369 and meet the requirements of our certification conditions, i.e. SPCR 102, may be placed freely within retail premises. Certified cabinets carry our P-Mark and shall resist the spread of an internal fire as well as ensure that an external fire is not aggravated by the cabinet's flammable content. These P-Marked cabinets have notnly been evaluated by us but are also subject to repeating production control to ensure good quality.

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Safe Storage of Inflammable Goods in Retail



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