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Plastic processing

Welcome to the test bed for plastic processing where we offer services in compounding, injection molding and extrusion of plastics. We test new material mixtures, vary process parameters and produce samples for evaluation. We offer equipment and capacity in lab and pilot scale.

Material and product development of plastics requires process equipment on a lab or pilot scale to be able to test ideas without disrupting production, and without consuming too much material. Broad experience with different plastics and thermoplastic composites and close cooperation with customers, means that we can contribute to development to achieve results.

Tests on a smaller scale mean many advantages when it comes to shortening the development time for a material or a process, or when you want to work with optimizations. We can easily vary material composition and parameters.

The test bed is located in three locations with different orientations where we have extruders for compounding and labs to measure mechanical and thermal properties.

In Borås, we work on a lab scale and focus on processing biopolymers, among other things. In addition, our test bed for plastic durability is also directly connected. For more information about our equipment in Borås, see our service page.

In Stockholm, we also work on a lab scale for the development and testing of new or existing plastic mixtures with a focus on thermoplastic composite materials, often with natural fiber as reinforcement. More information about the equipment in Stockholm will be available soon, in the meantime contact Henrik Pettersson.

In Mölndal, we offer a pilot-scale lab where we focus on material & process development, often with recycled plastic streams but also other types of plastics. For more information about our equipment in Mölndal see our service page.


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Plastic processing


Laboratory testbeds (LT)






Region Stockholm, Västra Götaland Region

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Borås: Christian Carlsson
Mölndal: Thomas Sjöholm
Stockholm: Henrik Pettersson

Christian Carlsson

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Christian Carlsson


+46 10 516 55 42

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