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Pilot plant for stock preparation

Flexible pilot plant for stock preparation, an important step in paper production.

Here, fractionation is done with strainers and hydrocyclones in single-stage systems or more complex multi-stage systems. There are also refiners for refinering the pulp that can be plugged into the desired positions. All equipment is on an industrial scale. The prepared pulp can be used in pilot paper machines. There is also a lab for pulp and paper testing.

The testbed consists of:

  • Pressure screens with strainer baskets with different hole sizes.
  • Hydrocyclone rigs with different numbers of barrels. 
  • Mills with different refinery segments. 
  • Pumps, pulp tanks and measuring and control equipment. 
  • Piping systems and flexible hoses for connecting the units to complete stock preparation systems.

The units are portable and can easily be connected in different combinations to test different stock preparation strategies.


Testbed name

Pilot plant for stock preparation



Testbed category

Isolated testbeds (IT)


Materials, Process industry, Pulp, paper and packaging


Bioeconomy, Packaging, Climate neutral industry, Chemical processes and products, Pulp and paper, Material transition, Production and manufacturing, Water


Region Stockholm

Contact person

Ari Sorsa


+46 10 228 45 43

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