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Testbed for mobile corrosion testing

<p>During mobile corrosion testing, materials, designs or different types of corrosion protection for the automotive industry are investigated in a real road environment. We offer exposure on the under body of truck trailers in one of the world's most corrosive environments.</p>

Accelerated corrosion testing in the laboratory is very important for examining and comparing the corrosion resistance of materials, material combinations, surface treatments and more. The tests are usually standardized and the results from different studies can therefore be compared. However, the results of these surveys cannot be directly translated into what happens in a real road environment.

Due to the complexity of the road environment, with many different factors affecting the corrosion of vehicles, mobile field testing is often used as a "fact" on the results of accelerated corrosion tests.

Tests in real environment

The testbed for mobile corrosion testing consists of about 10 truck trailers in traffic between Stockholm and Gothenburg and also Stockholm and Malmö. The areas has one of the world's most corrosive road environments due to frequent use of de-icing salt. The test bed offers exposure of samples on the underbody of these truck trailers. The results of the mobile test are then evaluated using standardized methods.


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Mobile corrosion testing




Testbeds in real life (TR)


Automotive and transport, Materials


Corrosion, Mobility, Testing, Surface technology


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